US Wine and Spirits Distribution On-Demand

Key to Market Program

November 2020

We know how difficult it is to navigate thru the complexities of the US distribution network. Let GrapeIn and its partners lead you thru the process to bring your unique products to the US market. From Importing, Distributing to growing Demand to your brand, GrapeIn's Key to Market Program will empower you to cut through the confusion and create a direct channel to US buyers.

Your key to the U.S. market.

Take control over your distribution.

GrapeIn's Key to Market:

  • Import your product via our importing partnerships

  • Unlock the logistics puzzle with our experienced wine and spirits distributors partners

  • Grow your market demand by leveraging GrapeIn's online AI-based platform to connect with relevant trade buyers

  • Ensure compliance with US wine and spirits rules and regulations

  • Bring your first ever pallet to the US for as low as $4,000.

How it works:   |   Brooklyn, NY

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