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Level up your wine & spirits events by going virtual.

With your event brands and products showcased on GrapeIn and accessible online 24/7, keep the momentum going well past the event date. All for a fraction of the cost for an in-person event.

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Boost your virtual event with GrapeIn's built-in features and know-how.

Virtual Event "Booths"

Create online profile pages to showcase your event brands and products.  Manage them with GrapeIn's self-serve organization admin dashboard, including activating users and controlling what they see.

Event Communications

Through GrapeIn's built-in messaging system, event participants can communicate with each other before, during and long after the event to qualify and close on sales leads. Link your event meeting calendars from any platform to your event pages.

Online Marketing and Lead Generation

Leverage GrapeIn's digital marketing expertise to help generate leads for your event and for its participants. Enjoy wider awareness thanks to GrapeIn's network of thousands of existing businesses.

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