Cut trade costs on Wine and Spirit 

With GrapeIn direct-to-retail platform

As the hospitality industry endures the heavy impact of the novel coronavirus crisis, we are excited to introduce GrapeIn - an innovative wine and spirits sourcing platform. We understand that major shifts in the industry are imminent, and thus are looking to cut trade costs by facilitating direct communication and trade for buyers. The platform enables business owners to revive their business by averting from the traditional three-tiered system alcohol purchase process to a maximum-profit trade that would help increase revenue and maintain a steadier cash flow in during a much needed time.

Discover thousands of brands, connect directly with suppliers, monetize better


Get better pricing and service by sourcing products directly from the supplier.


Message suppliers directly on the platform for samples and sales tools.

find deals

Get personalized promotions, tailored to your unique business needs

Unlimited Selection

Thousands of brands to choose from

How it works
GrapeIn online platform allows alcoholic beverage buyers to connect and source directly from small craft suppliers of wine and spirits, bypassing the middleman and providing better margins for retailers and restaurants as well as optimal price points for shoppers & diners. The platform also supplies retailers and restaurants all of the tools needed to educate, communicate and sell their unique offerings.   |   Brooklyn, NY

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