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Beverage Ordering Portal

Manage your B2B and DtC sales channels from a single platform.

Source unique products from unique suppliers. 

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You've spent time and effort to become DtC ready... now what?

You don't have to be a marketing expert to drive online orders! Sipjoy takes care of marketing and online sales so you can focus on what you do best. Join the first of its kind virtual farmers market for wine.

No commitment  |  No hidden fees  |  Performance-based pricing

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Connecting Businesses
Across the Entire Beverage Supply Chain

From suppliers to distributors, to bars and retailers, down to the end consumer, GrapeIn provides total transparency in a way that no beverage business has ever seen before.


Source unique products online, direct from passionate suppliers.


Grow sales with FREE, personalized online B2B & DtC portal w/ sales tools and back office management.


Digitize your event and provide added value to your participants

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The GrapeIn Digest

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How to prepare for success Final w play

How to prepare for sales success in the U.S.

Panel discussion about how to be successful in the US Market selling Wine & Spirit brands. In today's competitive environment it is critical you do not rely too much on your importers/distributors. In this discussion, we will explore the proven alternatives.

About GrapeIn


One part fans of unique wines and spirits, one part experienced tech innovators, 3 parts passionate, energetic and attentive.  Shaken together, we strive to support developing and experienced producers and wholesalers alike to help grow their business and achieve success.


Personal relationships and a diverse community are pillars of a healthy marketplace. GrapeIn empowers members at all levels of the beverage distribution chain to discover each other and connect directly to build those relationships and make things happen.


GrapeIn leverages algorithm-based matching features to facilitate connections between trade buyers and sellers. Our Marketing Automation can help you generate more demand for your brand. Think good terminator A.I., not bad terminator A.I.


GrapeIn has partnered with experienced industry leaders in beverage import, distribution, logistics and marketing to provide you with the know-how to be successful.  Let GrapeIn be your ace-in-the-hole.

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